Monday, July 23, 2007

Whos said John doesn't need a holiday!!

Here is the poor old farmer John, stretched out asleep in front of the fire while he waits for tea!!

Susan and John leave tomorrow for China.

Today we:

  • moved the Cooma mob into the lucerne paddock (only left a couple of new lambs and mothers behind) will move them on tomorrow.

  • We took the sprayer pump to town to be fixed.

  • Stuart came out and took the tractor tyre in to repair it.

  • John, Dan and I spread some hay.

  • John and I checked the other mobs.

  • In the afternoon Patrick, Dan and Mick did the strainers and laid out the steels while John sprayed the paddock he needed to finish off.

  • Lil, Bloke, Matty, Woodstock and Humphrey helped or hindered as required while Daisy and Nonny were house dogs!!

1 comment:

Jess said...

Hello from the south coast!
Fontenoy looks good, nice to see some greenery! hope ur enjoying ur stay mick! One small request... can humph be the next fontenoy posterboy please!!!