Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday and Saturday

It rained on Thursday night - about 10mm. This farming's easy!! All it took was a Memorare in the 180 and a hail mary at each barb tie on!!!

The Coomas went into the Lucern on Friday and on into the 240Lucern today. The mob from the 240 shed are in the Barley and Wattle, the weathers are at Sheathers and the mob in the Junee paddocks are doing well. The contour mob are okay but have lost the most lambs, we'll feed them again on Monday. We have only lost about four more sheep this week.

Here's a photo of twin lambs (named Joe and Frank) who were separated briefly from their mother in the 240 Shed. We gave them a ride in the ute and Humphrey told them doggy tales to keep their spirits up!

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