Friday, October 12, 2007

Ade dressed for the Ball!!

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You country dogs have no style!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


An easy day!

Checked the sheep in the morning,everything fine. Patrick and I moved the wethers back into the 100 acre house paddock and put some hay in the contour paddock.

I'm off to Wagga to pick up Susan and John soon (if they make their connection!)

Black dogs rule!!!


More rain!!!!! About 5mm overnight and this morning. Humphrey and I got wet while checking the sheep!

Moved the Coomas back to the ramp paddock and the large mob back into the 240 shed.

In the afternoon Patrick and I put in all the steels on the 180 and some of those in the Junee paddock.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Another good day. Things are falling into a pattern now. The Coomas went back into the Trifecta and all the large mob are now in the 180. There are lots of lambs and with the warmer weather there haven't been many losses. There are lots of twins!

On the fencing front the welder has given up the ghost so we lost some time trying to get it sparking. Eventually we decided to put out some steels and knock them in. We spent a long time on the long run in the 180 and should finish puting them out tomorrow.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday and Monday

We had 1 mm of rain on Sunday!!

A quiet day on all fronts. There was no movement of sheep and Mick had the afternoon off after checking the sheep.

On Monday,

  • the wethers went into the Timber paddock

  • The small mob went back into the 180. They look very good with lots of lambs and are in good condition.

  • Patrick fed the Contour paddock as we are concerned with the number of lambs dying there.

  • The other mobs are looking good.

  • Mick laid out the steels in the 180 and with Patrick, stays on to two posts. The welder is playing up and we fear we may need new leads!!

  • A cool day but the wseather is much warmer than a few weeks ago (4 overnight).

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday and Saturday

It rained on Thursday night - about 10mm. This farming's easy!! All it took was a Memorare in the 180 and a hail mary at each barb tie on!!!

The Coomas went into the Lucern on Friday and on into the 240Lucern today. The mob from the 240 shed are in the Barley and Wattle, the weathers are at Sheathers and the mob in the Junee paddocks are doing well. The contour mob are okay but have lost the most lambs, we'll feed them again on Monday. We have only lost about four more sheep this week.

Here's a photo of twin lambs (named Joe and Frank) who were separated briefly from their mother in the 240 Shed. We gave them a ride in the ute and Humphrey told them doggy tales to keep their spirits up!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thurs 27th - A mixed day

Another warm night and lovely sunny day. Everything looks lovely and the sheep are doing well in the warmth. No stock movement today just looking around. I pulled two dead lambs from their mothers today (one was really large) both mothers survived although one is in the hospital but we hope she'll do OK. The warmer weather is obviously easier on them all and the lambs are doing pretty well.
Fencing wise - we have nearly finished the mushroom paddock and I should have it and the hay paddock tied up by Sunday. Patch and I will be looking for new challenges soon!!

Dan left today so we will be a bit slower without him.

No fencing tomorrow! Lots of sheep to be moved to set up for the weekend. Hopefully it will go well!! Few showers around but alas none fell here - watching the sky like a true farmer!

Trust China is good fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Day Without John!!

We haven't had a bad day really!!

Bloke says "Hi!!"

The sheep are doing well. The waether was much warmer only 3 overnight and about 17 today and sunny all day.

We lost no ewes overnight!! A few lambs lost in the 180 but not too bad. there are lots of new lambs with many twins!!

Patch fed the contour mob and the large mob which are now all in the two Junee paddocks,bar a few slow ones. Mick was able to empty the Barley while Patch used the feeder bin. All the others look pretty good and there were no real problems.

Patch moved the ewes from the First showground.

On the fencing front we did well!

You can see Danlooking back at the Long Paddock North fence all laid out before being tied off (we finished it about 5.30)

We also managed to finish the south side of the Hay Paddock and the other side only needs to be tied up. We will try to give it a nudge tomorrow before Dan goes and Patch and I will be busy on Friday with the sheep.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A quieter day!

The day involved taking Susan and John to Wagga to catch the plane.I did a bit of shopping in Wagga so arrived back a bit late!

John and I moved the Cooma mob into the ramp paddock early on and moved some of the small mob from the Wattle into Junee West. After doing all the salt and lime, Dan and Patch worked on the fence in the long paddock - the put all the steels in, ran and strained one barb and ran another barb. Mick played "mother" hung out the washing and cooked the corned beef for tea - not much left for sandwiches!!!
The photos the workers at rest and sunset from the front yard.
All is well!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Whos said John doesn't need a holiday!!

Here is the poor old farmer John, stretched out asleep in front of the fire while he waits for tea!!

Susan and John leave tomorrow for China.

Today we:

  • moved the Cooma mob into the lucerne paddock (only left a couple of new lambs and mothers behind) will move them on tomorrow.

  • We took the sprayer pump to town to be fixed.

  • Stuart came out and took the tractor tyre in to repair it.

  • John, Dan and I spread some hay.

  • John and I checked the other mobs.

  • In the afternoon Patrick, Dan and Mick did the strainers and laid out the steels while John sprayed the paddock he needed to finish off.

  • Lil, Bloke, Matty, Woodstock and Humphrey helped or hindered as required while Daisy and Nonny were house dogs!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An old photo!

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Getting ready!!

Just organising myself before I leave to look after the farm while John and Susan are in China.

Keep watching this space!!