Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thurs 27th - A mixed day

Another warm night and lovely sunny day. Everything looks lovely and the sheep are doing well in the warmth. No stock movement today just looking around. I pulled two dead lambs from their mothers today (one was really large) both mothers survived although one is in the hospital but we hope she'll do OK. The warmer weather is obviously easier on them all and the lambs are doing pretty well.
Fencing wise - we have nearly finished the mushroom paddock and I should have it and the hay paddock tied up by Sunday. Patch and I will be looking for new challenges soon!!

Dan left today so we will be a bit slower without him.

No fencing tomorrow! Lots of sheep to be moved to set up for the weekend. Hopefully it will go well!! Few showers around but alas none fell here - watching the sky like a true farmer!

Trust China is good fun!

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