Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Day Without John!!

We haven't had a bad day really!!

Bloke says "Hi!!"

The sheep are doing well. The waether was much warmer only 3 overnight and about 17 today and sunny all day.

We lost no ewes overnight!! A few lambs lost in the 180 but not too bad. there are lots of new lambs with many twins!!

Patch fed the contour mob and the large mob which are now all in the two Junee paddocks,bar a few slow ones. Mick was able to empty the Barley while Patch used the feeder bin. All the others look pretty good and there were no real problems.

Patch moved the ewes from the First showground.

On the fencing front we did well!

You can see Danlooking back at the Long Paddock North fence all laid out before being tied off (we finished it about 5.30)

We also managed to finish the south side of the Hay Paddock and the other side only needs to be tied up. We will try to give it a nudge tomorrow before Dan goes and Patch and I will be busy on Friday with the sheep.

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