Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday and Monday

We had 1 mm of rain on Sunday!!

A quiet day on all fronts. There was no movement of sheep and Mick had the afternoon off after checking the sheep.

On Monday,

  • the wethers went into the Timber paddock

  • The small mob went back into the 180. They look very good with lots of lambs and are in good condition.

  • Patrick fed the Contour paddock as we are concerned with the number of lambs dying there.

  • The other mobs are looking good.

  • Mick laid out the steels in the 180 and with Patrick, stays on to two posts. The welder is playing up and we fear we may need new leads!!

  • A cool day but the wseather is much warmer than a few weeks ago (4 overnight).

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